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Jet Bus

Starby is thinking about a potential plan transform tourism perspective. With the opportunity to view life from above and see different sites, educational city insights, and popular tourism attractions. This would be accomplished through a Jetbus for $300 per person for a 1 hour long aerial tour in your city.

Features: Electric, Quiet, Glass caged, Educational, Safe, Self flying, Low maintenance, Long lastingĀ , Battery powered, Rent the experience from mobile app, 24/7 operational opportunities, Pricing $5 per minute, Handicap accessible flat, 12 person maximum capacity, Floats in water, AR tourism insights

Jet Pack

Starbiy is thinking about a potential plan to bring single unit flight to everyone in a cost effective solution. We would do this through a jetpack. For many of us since we were young we've had a dream of being able to fly like the birds. However human beings have been stuck on 2 feet for far too long.

Future Product Details: Colors Light Brown, Gold, White, Electric charging, Long battery life, Backup Parachute, Nearly Silent, Light, Modern Design

Silent Engine

Starby is thinking about a potential plan to help EVTOL aircrafts with the oppotrunity to thrive on at lower levels reduce noise pollution by pioneering a noise canceling technology to empower enjoyment of flight at a lower altitude without disturbing fellow citizens.

Features: Electric, Quiet

Runs on Unicorn Platform